Remington Gamemaster Model 141


“In 1935, G.H. Garrison reviewed the Model 14 rifle and offered some cosmetic, as well as functional, improvements. Rifle barrels were lengthened from 22 to 24 inches. The forend was flattened slightly to give it a slight beavertail treatment, and the stock was redesigned for faster handling, along with adding a shotgun-style steel buttplate. The improved rifle was called the Model 141 Gamemaster, and a rendition of a brass cartridge head for which the rifle was chambered for was imbedded in the receiver on the left side.”

Our Remington Gamemaster Takedown 141 is in good condition. The gun was made November 1941 (we think).The barrel has good rifling. The gun was test fired by our resident expert and received the rating of “Mongo Approved.” Mongo stated, “The recoil is very manageable.”

The wood furniture is in good shape and the bluing is good.


Additional photos are available on request.

Customer can call in with credit card information (252) 777-4293.


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