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Are tritium night sights safe?

It’s an important question. Can tritium sights inflict damage on reproductive health? I turned to Truglo representative Pliny Gale to help answer the question, and asked for scientific backing to his response. It was provided in minutes.

The short answer, provided by the Health Physics Society, is no—tritium as used in night sights and other products has no power to change DNA. Poisoning from this weak form of ionizing radiation is only possible if large amounts of it are taken in by inhalation or ingestion. Skin is a barrier sufficient to prevent exposure. On their own, tritium molecules can travel just 6mm in air before losing their radioactive charge.

There is some risk of exposure if night sights or other devices containing tritium are damaged. This should serve as motivation to carry tritium sight-bearing arms in a proper holster or case.

Tritium easily bonds with and travels in water. It exists in the environment as both a naturally occurring and human-made substance and is usually present and undetectable in the human body as part of its watery composition.

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