We are now a Blue Label Dealer

Thank you for visiting PKat Arms.  We are committed to providing you with the best service possible and the best prices for your shooting needs.

There are three ways for you to shop with us.  In our store located at 6919 Highway 70 in Newport, N.C., or from the two buttons on this page.  By clicking the "SHOP NOW" button above you will be shopping through the "National Firearms Dealers Network" web page.  By shopping there, you are looking at what is available through FIVE of our distributors.  Hitting the "SHOP NOW"  button gives you the best bang for your buck and more selection than we can keep in our store.  Your third shopping option, is to click the "Gallery of Guns" button.  Here you can search for your particular firearm through "Davidson's."  Davidson's not only has a great selection of firearms, they also have a "Lifetime" warranty on the firearm.  New to Pkat Arms is our Silencer Shop button above; for a turn key purchase experience.

All firearms purchased from our websites are NOT necessarily in our store at the time of purchase.   All non-firearm items can be directly shipped to your home.

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